Back to Nature


Here at Friendly Acres, we strive to keep our lifestyle in touch with nature.  Some of the best remedies, cures, and household cleaners have been around for hundreds of years and come from nature and non-toxic sources. These are the things I love, use on a daily basis (and many more) are featured here in this blog!

Non-toxic cleaners

We have lots of animals who are part of our family.  Three of our family members are birds (two Budgies and a Cockatoo).  Birds are notorious for being very sensitive to environmental and air quality, so we are committed to using non-toxic and home made cleaners for their safety, as well as our own.

I am a Multiple sclerosis and traumatic brain injury warrior.  My resistance is lower than normal and keeping my immune system strong is critical to good health.  Ensuring that I am not breathing in harmful fumes and absorbing chemicals through my skin is a step I take to improve my health, and that of my family.  I have found that I prefer these homemade cleaners to costly store-bought ones, and they save our family money, too!


Bug Sprays/Deterrents

Spraying harmful chemicals on my family and animals is not something I am comfortable with.  However, we do live on a farm, and so bug sprays are necessary.  I now make several different types of bug deterrents for both my barn and home that work better, smell better, are more cost effective, and most importantly; are safer for my family and pets.


Stay Tuned!

Since starting this blog, I am constantly researching new products, remedies, and natural cures to implement here at Friendly Acres and to share with my readers.  Do you have any tips, ideas or other natural products to share with me?  I’d love to hear from you!  Have a great tidbit of wisdom handed down from your ancestor?  Better yet!  Please message me and we’ll put it in a blog post.

Looking forward to hearing from you.  Till then,



girl and her German shepherd dog