It’s here! “Natural dog training the K9 Ability Way,” My book is now on sale!

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This book has been a long time coming.  This is the first of three installments of the K9 Ability method™ explained, step-by-step.  Now you can bring out the ABILITY in your dog!

The K9 Ability method differs (and excels) from other programs in that it doesn’t merely solve behavioral issues; it gets to the root of the issues to fix WHY the dog exhibits the unwanted behavior. Merely treating a behavioral symptom is the current good (and accepted) standard for dog training programs today. However, “good” is not good enough for my dogs, or my clients’ dogs. I want exceptional, total harmony within the homes I’m called to help, and I want to bring out ALL the ABILITY in every canine client I’m blessed to work with. It is for this reason that I created an innovative, holistic approach that has been proven to work in hundreds of satisfied pet parents who were once at their wit’s end, and faced with the possibility of having to re-home, or euthanize their out-of-control dog.

I assess the dog’s entire environment and disassemble it piece by piece, identifying the cause and then eradicating every piece of that cause, essentially wiping the learning slate clean and providing a firm foundation upon which further training can take place; and which without, the former objective is not possible.

I work with nature (never against it), to bring out the ABILITY of every dog I work with. I set the tone of my training through effective canine communication and follow through with a natural, resistance-free approach which pin-points and eliminates the root of behavioral issues (not just covering them up) and naturally eliminates problematic behavior; thereby providing a new relationship platform which enhances harmony, leadership, and respect between the dog and its owner.

My mission through K9 Ability’s training and education programs is to bridge the gap between canine/human communication in order to bring out the Ability in every dog—and to challenge dog owners to take their relationship with their dog to a whole new level! Many owners come to me with “out of control,” “un-trainable,” and, often, aggressive dogs. By solving these behavioral issues from the root (and not just glossing them over as is the current industry standard), I’m able to help dog owners keep their beloved friends, and ultimately; save a lot of canine lives. Dogs have literally saved my life. I feel it is my duty to use the skills I’ve learned through my journey to save theirs. That, to me, is a primary goal.”
~Kimberly Carnevale, trainer and founder of K9 Ability.

Now you can learn how to bring out the ABILITY in your dog and watch the behavioral issues disappear!

Our founder is a canine trainer with over 25 years experience in professional behavior modification and rehabilitation. She is a published author of books/magazines, and has been asked to contribute to numerous world-wide publications and invited to speak nationwide as an expert in her field. Her story and program have been featured on TV, in magazines, film, and in her books. She performs nationwide with her own pack, and conducts informative seminars; educating communities how to honor their dogs and bring out their true ABILITY.
Kimberly’s methods are based on scientific learning theory, natural behavior modification, and canine psychology. No tricks, no gimmicks…just natural canine communication, mutual understanding, love and respect.

“I haven’t discovered a magical cure all, or developed a hokey, commercial gimmick which claims to train all dogs as if by magic. I’ve taken the time to learn to communicate in their language…not forcing them to learn mine. I honor the dogs I spend time with by literally treating them like a dog that God created them to be. Discipline, obedience, honoring our canine friends by learning their language, mutual respect—it all starts here. It builds a foundation upon which further obedience and training can take place; and which without, the former objective is impossible.” ~Kimberly Carnevale

Order your copy today and bring out the ABILITY in your dog!

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