How I treat my Multiple sclerosis and Brain injury Naturally ~ Part 2 of 2

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Welcome to part 2 of 2 of How I treat my Multiple sclerosis and Brain injury Naturally.  In part 1, I explained why I decided to take the leap in treat my disabilities naturally.  In this post, I’ll explain how.  This may not be for everyone, but as I explained in the first post, I had very definitive reasons to do so.

How I went natural

  • A specially trained service doga German shepherd service dog leading her handlerUtilizing the assistance of a highly trained service dog provided me with the safety and independence that I had been desperate for.   Going from a pro athlete to someone who fell down regularly and couldn’t even get myself a drink from the fridge, go to the bathroom alone or other mundane tasks took an emotional toll that hindered my overall recovery.  Asking my service dog to do things for me what a lot easier on my pride, and having the ever-present assistance gave me the safety and ability to start going out after my brain injury had held me prisoner to my home for so long.   (I will write in detail more about service dogs in a future post.  In the interim, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comment section of this post and be sure to join my email list so you’ll get the post as soon as it’s published).
  • Chiropractic treatments.  I’d always been told (by my former medical team), that having chiropractic adjustments would make me much worse.  My own research suggested otherwise.  I learned that the God designed our bodies to heal themselves, but first, we must achieve balance.  I carefully chose a chiropractor in my area who was also a medically-certified doctor (he had additional training than a chiropractor). Chiropractic adjustment provided the balance my body needed to begin to heal from my accident, and he even through in free adjustments for my service dog!
  • Equine Therapy: For years, I’d made my living in the saddle. It’s the place where I have always derived comfort and security.  Having disabilities doesn’t change that.  Being anywhere near horses is still my “happy place.”  I was able to customize my own program where traditional cognitive therapies left off, even creating my own organization so I can share it with others. The Equine Ability Program. (I will write more about equine therapy in a later post).

Healthy Eating

  • Foodhealthy vegtables Cutting out foods laden with preservatives, pesticides, and other unnatural additives is very difficult these days.  Our bodies are fueled by what we eat/drink and are affected on a cellular level by the bad things that we put into them.  Eating as “clean” and naturally as we can is critical to optimal health.  I’ve stopped eating at fast-food places, buying C.R.A.P  (Carbonated beverages.  Refined sugars. Artificial flavorings and alcohol. Processed foods), and my family is committed to growing and hunting for as much of our food as possible.


    1. Magnesium: Research shows that 90% of all adults are deficient in Magnesium. My own research shows that many MS patients experience a lessening of insomnia (something I struggle with a lot), more energy and alleviation of some pain symptoms, as well. There are several different types of magnesium.  I chose Dr’s Best because of its absorption rate. (I’ve done a ton of research, as there are many different kinds of magnesium supplementation. Here’s what I use: Dr’s best magnesium supplement )
    2. Tumeric: This is an supplement used for centuries and it has some pretty amazing properties. It is a natural anti-biotic, anti-inflammatory and pain reducer. My hubby even swears by it for treating his gout! Here’s what we use: Tumeric
    3. CBD Oil: I recently started taking CBD Oil after doing much research on the subject.  This is a hot topic for most people at the moment, and to be honest with you, I was on the non-supporting side for the longest time; only because I didn’t want to “feel” any effects or be hindered in any way by taking CBD.  I learned that some oils, (like the one I used) has all the TCH (the properties which get you “high”) taken out of them, leaving only the healthful benefits.  As mentioned, I just started this, so I will have to let you know how it works for me in a later post. I would love to hear from you in the comments!  *I live in Colorado, where using CBD oil is legal. Please check your state’s laws before using.
  • Faith: This is posted last, but not in matter of importance, by any means.  Faith is different for everyone, but is by far the most important part my personal journey. a God themed meme with horses and a cowboy





So there you have it!  The whys and hows of how I treat my Multiple sclerosis and brain injury naturally.  Tweak my suggestions to meet your own needs, or come up with ones of your own!  I hope these suggestions can help you on your own journey to living more simply! I would love to hear your suggestions! Leave me a message in the comments!

Till next time,





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